How To Get Backlinks From Digg – A Beginner’s Guide

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Backlinks from reputable sites are incredibly valuable. In this article, we’ll walk you through how to get backlinks from Digg, an online news aggregator.

Digg – How to get backlinks from Digg

What Is Digg?

What do you opt for when you want to know what’s ‘trending’ on the web right now? You can, of course, Google your way through and perhaps even glance through the trending topics on Twitter. However, there’s actually an easier solution for that. Surprisingly enough, not a lot of people know about it.

Anyway, your ultimate solution is called Digg.

Digg is practically your go-to source for what the internet is talking about right now. It’s a platform that delivers the most talked about and interesting stories happening on the Internet right now. We’re all aware that the web is filled with hundreds of great stories, but Digg is there to help you find, read, and share the best ones. Hence, you can readily use Digg to keep up with the top and trending topics.

Digg Technology Page

Digg’s Technology Section

We know a lot of you are not very familiar with Digg or its SEO value. Hence, before we discuss how to get backlinks from Digg, we’ll talk about some of its top features and how it works.

How Digg Works

Digg has differentiated itself as a unique social news platform that talks about everything that’s being hyped. Before you get backlinks from Digg, have a look at how it functions.

The Digg Feature

You can use Digg to push specific content to your social media pages. When you ‘dig’ a story, it means you’re giving it a positive vote. That’s similar to a thumbs up or love react on Facebook or an upvote on Reddit. Consistently doing this on different stories enables the Digg algorithm to determine which type of stories it should display on the homepage. Simply put, you’re technically helping the website to determine what people want to read about.

Get backlinks from Digg – ‘digging’ a story

What It Means To Digg A Story On Digg

Saving A Story on Digg

On Digg, if you find an article you want to refer to someone sometime in the future, you have the option to save it. Then, you can access your saved stories from a link on the top from the ‘Saved’ option.

Sharing A Story Via Digg

Additionally, if you want to share a story from Digg to your other social media platforms, you can that, too. Simply click on any of the icons listed beside the article.

Viewing Stories Through Specific Tags

Right below the title of every article, there are tags to classify them. Take a look:

Tags on Digg

Tags on Digg

Hence, if you want to view more articles within that topic, all you need to do is click on the link. And that will direct you to a page that has all the articles filled with that particular tag.

Viewing Number of Diggs

Right below the article, you’ll see the number of Diggs that the article got. Also, when you hover over the number, it gives you the exact number of times the article has been liked on Digg, Twitter, and Facebook. This enables you to take note of which news is catching most attention of people.

Watching Videos

Digg has a separate section that solely focuses on videos. On that page, you can browse all the popular videos that users have put a ‘dig’ on.

Digg Mobile App

Mobile apps have now become a necessity and Digg took that into consideration. Digg knew it wouldn’t be complete without a mobile compatible software. And so, they have gone to extensive lengths to produce and make available a killer Digg mobile app. This app allows you to enjoy the features of Digg anywhere and anytime with your smartphone or tablet.

Backlinks From Digg

Whether you’re a website owner or a business professional, this feature can be very handy when you want to promote your content. But the question is – why would you want to do this? Because you want to put your content in front of as many people as possible, and Digg is definitely one of the biggest platforms that enables you to do that. However, your content should also be worthy of sharing so that people will really “Digg” it.

Before you know more about getting backlinks from Digg, let’s look at the reasons extensively and discuss the value of a Digg backlink.

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Why Should You Bother To Get Backlinks From Digg?

Time and again, we have talked about search engine optimization (SEO). SEO essentially refers to all the different business practices a website or business undertakes to improve its performance in terms of organic search engine results.

Now, one can broadly categorize SEO practices into two separate sections: on-page and off-page. So, on-page SEO refers to everything you can do on your own website to optimize it for search engines like Google. However, that’s not particularly relevant to Digg.

On the other hand, off-page SEO is everything you need to do outside of your own website to optimize it for search engines. And this off-page SEO is why Digg matters, and why you’d want to get backlinks from Digg.

Now, off-page SEO practically boils down to one thing, and that is becoming a credible and authoritative resource. That is because Google and other search engines reward quality resources with authentic information with higher search rankings.

And the best way to become one of those resources with high Domain Authority is to earn backlinks from other websites. More backlinks would mean more authority, and more authority would mean better organic rankings.

So, why should you bother about getting backlinks from Digg? Because backlinks from Digg can be incredibly valuable. Not all backlinks are equal. When a backlink comes from a reputable site, it carries more weight and positively impacts your SEO.

And Digg is the kind of platform you’d want to earn a backlink from. If your content is good enough and has enough ‘Diggs’, it would transform the link into do-follow. Also, once that link is established and Google takes note of it, new traffic will keep coming to your website. Hence, it’s a gift that just keeps on giving.

Get Backlinks From Digg Via Your Content

To get backlinks from Dig and be featured on it, you need to submit a link to your website. As much as that sounds easy, it isn’t quite. Because from there, Digg’s algorithms, algorithms, and users determine if that’s worthy of a front-page spot.

Of course, you can create a Digg user account and send a link to your own content. How do you think you can do that?

Now, first things first, your content has to be top-quality. This is a seemingly obvious prerequisite not many content creators pay attention to. Top-quality content is usually a long and comprehensive read with at least 1,200 words and an ample number of images. You should keep it informative and accessible. If you are able to provide unique value and make people laugh, you’re on the right track then. These points are crucial if you want me to get backlinks from Digg.

Additionally, distribution is important, too. That implies using social media to efficiently share your content once it’s written. The primary goal is to turn views into shares and to turn shares into clicks.

How Do You Create Shareable Content To Get Backlinks From Digg?

Remember that in order for your content to be shareable, it needs to resonate with readers. Think of it this way. Why do people share articles on Facebook? Because it’s a way of expressing oneself and connecting to people who think and feel the same way. So, write about things with an emotional appeal to get people talking about it.

Also, to attract clicks, you need to write killer headlines and great copies. Push yourself to write at least 15 headlines per article. That way, you’re guaranteed to write at least one champion. Make sure the information you give away is authentic and credible. At the same time, come up with introductions that stir enough intrigue to read further. This applies to copy, too.

Remember you can’t be an expert from day 1. Try to engage with the Digg community and do your research right. Look what the number of ‘Diggs’ each post is getting. From there, see which ones are trending and have the most amount of Diggs. Afterward, if you can master the art of writing relevant and high-quality content and crafting intriguing social media posts, you’ll be featured on the front page of Digg in no time. And that, folks, would mean you’d get backlinks from Digg.

Final Words

Digg is overall a great site to get backlinks from. But as we’ve said earlier, it isn’t something you can do overnight. Research your audience right. Additionally, keep in mind the kind of content that will attract a large number of readers. Getting backlinks from Digg is a game of patience, but one that’s worth it.